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Susan Davy


Pennon Group

What does Build Back Better mean to you?

“Building back better means embracing the opportunity to evolve rather than falling back into old routines or habits. Covid-19 has been an unprecedented test of resilience for everyone and it has forced us all to consider how we might do things differently, in business and as individuals. It reminds us that being sustainable is not a fixed state; it is an ongoing process to adapt, overcome and improve.”

Where have you seen the biggest change within your organisation over the past five months?

“We have made a variety of changes to processes and daily working arrangements across the organisation, keeping our employees’ health and safety, and that of our customers, front of mind. This includes increasing our use of digital communication platforms and other technologies. For frontline key workers the changing Government guidelines have been particularly impactful but we are proud of how our teams have pulled together to maintain essential services.”

How has the current pandemic impacted your thinking around the future of utilities?

“The pandemic has underlined the importance of utilities within society – the huge role we play in protecting life and livelihoods. Central to this is ensuring utility businesses are run in a responsible and resilient way, with the right leadership, governance, processes, people, finances and operational behaviours in place to react swiftly and effectively to external factors beyond our control. With increasing pressure on natural resources, there is a renewed need for companies, Government and regulators to ensure the sector is adequately stress-tested in all of these areas.”

What would you like to see change within the utilities landscape over the coming years?

Greater collaboration, particularly in areas where innovation and emerging technology can improve services and protect the environment. Furthermore, there is scope for additional initiatives and incentives that will drive innovation within companies and their supply chains.

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming Utility Week Build Back Better Forum?

The opportunity to reflect on the challenges we have all faced and share the learnings we have made in a way that will be mutually beneficial for all involved.