David Hinton

David Hinton


South East Water

What does Build Back Better mean to you?

It means taking the opportunity to refocus efforts on important questions around the environment, critical infrastructure and customer perceptions.  Society’s priorities have shifted and we need to aim at these new priorities.

Where have you seen the biggest change within your organisation over the past five months?

Working remotely whilst keeping safe focusing as much on wellbeing as physical health

How has the current pandemic impacted your thinking around the future of utilities?

A light has been shone on some of the services we might take for granted in normal times and the importance of their resilience during huge challenges such as now.  We have also seen a shift to concerns around the environment being heightened at this time.

What would you like to see change within the utilities landscape over the coming years?

A focus on the resilience of the service as it is an important foundation to a society coping with other externalities

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming Utility Week Build Back Better Forum?

Seeing a range of views on a very new areas of thinking