Rachel Fletcher

Rachel Fletcher



What does Build Back Better mean to you?

It means supporting our society and economy to recover quickly from the coronavirus while promoting employment and regeneration opportunities in less affluent communities, reducing our carbon footprint and improving the natural world around us.


Where have you seen the biggest change within your organisation over the past five months?

New influencers and leaders have come to the fore, providing support and challenge as we work remotely and inspiring us about what the future can hold.


How has the current pandemic impacted your thinking around the future of utilities?

It has underlined the value that utilities can bring in supporting communities and the environment and the rock they provide on which we build a thriving economy.


What would you like to see change within the utilities landscape over the coming years?


I’d like to see an escalation of the trend amongst utilities to see improving the environment as intrinsic to what they do, not an add on or just a matter of regulatory compliance.


What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming Utility Week Build Back Better Forum?

This is an opportunity to unleash the passion that exists in the utility sector for making a positive difference.  The urgent and present challenge to build back better means this Forum can focus minds on the practical steps and forge the partnerships to turn this into a reality.