LinesearchbeforeUdig (LSBUD) is a free to use online service providing utility mapping records across the UK.  The service processes over 2.25 million enquiries per annum on behalf of more than 70 asset owning Members.

For our Members (asset owners), we help protect their infrastructure by increasing third parties’ knowledge of their assets, encouraging safer working environments and reducing asset strikes.

For our 80,000+ Users (third parties), we provide a free single point of access to our Members’ asset information so that they can complete their works safely and efficiently.

LinesearchbeforeUdig.  Saving lives, pipes and cables.

For more information, please visitwww.linesearchbeforeudig.co.uk


The Unipart Group has a history of manufacturing and engineering and today also provides a broad variety of business services that support a wide range of companies and organisations.

The first common factor is that everything Unipart does is designed to help improve its customers’ performance.

The second is its use of the Unipart Way.

The Unipart Way has been central to Unipart’s own journey of transformation and today is its standard way of working across all the companies in the Unipart Group. It is Unipart’s proven method of generating its high levels of employee engagement, which delivers a wide range of benefits to all of its customers.

Unipart people in manufacturing and logistics consistently strive to deliver better than expected results through their high levels of engagement, underpinned by the company’s operational excellence.

Unipart’s consultants help organisations of any kind, to increase capability, reduce costs and deliver better customer service by transferring the knowledge they have gained from Unipart’s own journey of transformation.

For more information, please visit: www.unipart.com

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Auriga Services is a not for profit organisation supporting companies in meeting their obligations toward their vulnerable customers. Our expertise in individual assessments for trust funds, assistance schemes, warm homes discount, ECO and HHCRO audits enables us to work with some of the UK’s largest utility suppliers and local authorities. Our welfare benefits and debt advice team extend our services on offer to support your customers who are in need of specialist advice. Working with your customers on a 1:1 basis allows us to maximise all avenues of help on offer. To date Auriga has helped 1.5 million people to reduce their financial hardship, working closely with clients to meet our main objective of ‘Changing Lives Every Day’.

For more information, please visit: www.aurigaservices.co.uk

  Launched in 1999, digdat provides a range of digital data management and communication solutions for businesses to make its data available and accessible in many different formats, including layered maps. It develops, host and deploy on-demand digital data information services, consumer notification services and location data solutions making data easily accessible to all types of users via various platforms. The digdat® solution portfolio includes: digdat Utilities – a web-based asset data-management service, digdat Connect – a free, 24/7 online ”look-up” service on utility and infrastructure underground assets, digdat Communications – a hosted, ‘white labelled’ business solution providing real-time communication updates on events and activities, digdat Solutions – a bespoke solutions development service enabling businesses to improve customer communication and engagement. digdat is a trading name of Anglian Water Services Limited and is a commercial business unit of Anglian Water Group.

For more information, please visit: www.digdat.co.uk


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Stefanini is a global company with 30 years of experience in the market, offering a wide range of services including automation, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and user experience (UX). Stefanini has launched IDboxRT 'best-in-class' Operational Intelligence Solution within the UK market in cooperation with CIC.

IDboxRT is a highly-performant, interactive and proven solution for the control of network and smart processes within the Utility sector. IDboxRT is used in projects including wind farms, water distribution networks, distribution and power generation as well as controlling SMART environments and buildings.

The well-established solution is based on the business intelligence that integrates, processes and analyses large volumes of data in real-time and obtaining the ‘Value information’ instantly from any place on any device, optimizing control and monitoring processes.

For more information, please visit: www.stefanini.com/en/ 


We help millions of people to control their household finances, make essential payments and access in-store services. Our UK network of 29,000 stores is bigger than all banks, supermarkets and Post Offices together, putting us at the heart of communities nationwide.

For clients of all sizes we provide cutting-edge payments technologies without the need for capital investment. Our seamlessly integrated multichannel payments solution, MultiPay, is a one-stop shop for customer payments. PayPoint helps over 500 consumer service providers to save time and money while making it easier for their customers to pay – via any channel and on any device.

For more information, please visit: paypoint.com