Jane Gray
Content director
Utility Week

2020 was a year of immense upheaval in customer strategies in the utilities sector and beyond as the coronavirus pandemic tore up the rule book on engagement and contact channel trends caused an explosion in vulnerability for domestic and business customers alike.

As the dust begins to settle, customer service and experience leaders now need to stabilise their strategies. If flexibility and agility is now to be the norm in customer operations, they need to develop more sustainable and efficient approaches to nimble allocation of human and technological resources based on demand.

They must also capitalise on opportunities created by the pandemic to re-set their relationship with consumers based on a spike in consumer engagement with their energy and water usage. And of course, they need to maintain a keen and sensitive awareness of the long-run impacts of the pandemic on the vulnerability profile of their customers and be innovative in their handling of this.

At Utility Week’s 2021 Customer Summit senior leaders from across the energy and water sectors will share their responses to these challenges and more. The event will create a unique forum for discussion and debate, with interactive sessions offering delegates the opportunity to build on the views and experiences shared in speaker keynotes and panels.

As customer leaders look to absorb lessons from the trials of 2020 to build more efficient and resilient ways of serving domestic and non-domestic customers in the years ahead, Utility Week’s Customer Summit provides an unmissable opportunity to learn, validate plans and network with an unrivalled array of customer experience experts, including industry leaders, regulators, policy makers, consumer advocates and more.