16 March

8:30 am

Registration, networking and exhibition

9:15 am

Welcome from the conference chair


9:30 am


9:30 am

Keynote: What we’re doing differently

  • Fixing the energy market – and leading the net-zero transition
  • Welcoming new customers and preparing for the post-April price cap
  • The future of energy retail in the UK
9:45 am

An energy market that is right for the planet and the pocket

  • Learnings from the retail market and supporting customers in the future
  • How a resilient energy market can help deliver net-zero


10:00 am

Protecting and supporting customers through market disruption

  • Supporting customers in a challenging market
  • Reshaping the market: the regulatory perspective
  • How should the industry be balancing regulation and innovation?
10:15 am

Panel and questions: April is coming: supporting and engaging customers in the changing energy market

Speakers above to be joined by: 


10:45 am

Refreshments, networking and exhibition

11:15 am


11:15 am

Switching strategies in a changing market

  • How relevant is switching following the recent market disruption?
  • How can retailers stand out in the switching space?
  • How are price comparison sites and TPIs changing their business models?


11:30 am

Using behavioural insights to help customers make better choices

  • Ofgem’s approach to driving significant behaviour change
  • Assessing behaviours and needs of the most vulnerable customers


  • Beth Moon

    Beth Moon
    Head of customer and behavioural insight - Ofgem

11:45 am

Strategies for effectively communicating prices rises to customers

  • The impact of market disruption on customer communication strategies
12:00 pm

WORKSHOP: Protect and serve: managing vulnerability and adjusting customer strategies post pandemic

Following introductory themes, participants will discuss this topic in table groups, moderated by the workshop leaders.  Final observations will be shared at the end of the session. 

  • What impact has the pandemic and energy crisis had on customer behaviour and vulnerabilities? 
  • Working in a hybrid world: How can we ensure customer centric cultures during workforce changes? 
  • Looking at a long-term solution for protecting customers 
  • Shaping personalised payment plans, at scale 

Tables to be led by:


  • Zoe McLeod

    Zoe McLeod
    Chair, customer engagement group - Cadent

  • Duncan McCombie

    Duncan McCombie
    Chair, customer engagement group - Western Power Distribution

  • Dan Alchin

    Dan Alchin
    Deputy director, retail - Energy UK

  • Alan Linter

    Alan Linter
    Innovation and data science director - Capita Consulting

  • Maxine Frerk

    Maxine Frerk
    Chair of customer engagement group - SGN

1:00 pm

Fork buffet lunch, networking and exhibition

2:00 pm

INTERACTIVE BREAKOUTS – choose between stream 1 or stream 2

2:00 pm

How smart grids and half hourly settlement will change the market

Stream 1: Retail Energy – A revolution in billing and payments
  • How are companies going to manage the transition? 
  • MHHS as crucial in meeting net-zero goals: key for flexible energy market that shifts demand to where there is capacity in the grid 
  • Innovative products and services: dynamic Time of Use Tariffs, battery storage optimisation, heat as a service, etc 
  • Not one size fits all: how do we ensure no customers are left behind and the right protections are in place? 


2:00 pm

Local net-zero for local people

Stream 2: Networks - Empowering communities on the net-zero journey
  • Pulling together findings from the Energy Revolution Research Consortium, this presentation will explore how a smart, local energy systems approach could be key to unlocking consumer engagement 
  • How local approaches to net-zero could enable a faster, cheaper and fairer transition 
  • How the consumer benefits of a smart, local energy system will require some changes to policy and regulation


  • Jeff Hardy

    Jeff Hardy
    Deputy chair, customer engagement group - UKPN

2:30 pm

Powering communities to net-zero: bringing customers along the ED2 journey

Stream 2: Networks - Empowering communities on the net-zero journey
  • Getting the engagement balance right between current and future customers
  • Local-led approach to ensure a fair and just transition
  • Customer value propositions and regulatory outcomes
  • Partnership opportunities


3:00 pm

Refreshments, networking and exhibition

3:30 pm


3:30 pm

Harnessing customer data to design exceptional customer experiences

  • Tracking omni-channel customer activity – a single view across from social media to self-service web tools to call centres
  • How to turn poor experiences into opportunities for enhanced engagement and improve the efficiency of operations


3:45 pm

The power of customer data

  • Using data to gain a clearer picture of real-time customer consumption and habits
  • Effectively communicating the benefits of sharing data to your customer base


4:00 pm

Questions & answers

4:10 pm

Smart metering: a foundation for a smart market

  • Managing customer data and real time information on energy use 
  • Unlocking smart meter data to accelerate the energy revolution 
  • Building open and shared data infrastructure  
  • What is the impact of half hourly settlements?
4:25 pm

Panel Q&A: How can smart metering help reset the relationship between energy retailers and their customers?

5:05 pm

Close of day 1 and networking drinks reception