16 March

8:30 am

Registration, networking and exhibition

9:05 am

Welcome from the conference chair


9:15 am


9:15 am

Building an opportunity out of disaster: energy and net zero emissions

  • Helping the most vulnerable during the cost of living crisis
  • Learning the lessons of the energy crisis
  • EMR 2.0
  • The vital role of energy retail
  • Creating a market which is green by design


9:30 am

An energy market that is right for the planet and the pocket

  • Learnings from the retail market and supporting customers in the future
  • How a resilient energy market can help deliver net zero


9:45 am

Protecting and supporting customers through market disruption

  • Supporting customers in a challenging market
  • Reshaping the market: the regulatory perspective


10:05 am

Panel and questions: April is coming: supporting and engaging customers in the changing energy market


10:45 am

Refreshments, networking and exhibition

11:15 am


11:15 am

Switching strategies in a changing market

  • How relevant is switching following the recent market disruption?
  • How can retailers stand out in the switching space?
  • How are price comparison sites and TPIs changing their business models?


11:30 am

Understanding and supporting customers in a rapidly changing market

  • Latest consumer insights around energy affordability and consumer engagement
  • Ofgem’s approach to understanding consumer needs and driving behaviour change


  • Beth Moon

    Beth Moon
    Head of customer and behavioural insight - Ofgem

11:45 am

Building loyalty and trust: the John Lewis Experience

  • How a brand can create trust with its customers
  • Supporting customers through difficult conversations
  • What energy companies can take from the John Lewis story


12:10 pm

Questions & answers

12:20 pm

WORKSHOP: The cost-of-living crisis and the journey to net zero

How can the energy sector ensure the cost-of-living crisis does not derail efforts to engage consumers on the net-zero journey? What methods are needed to communicate the benefits and ultimate cost savings of decarbonisation and to empower the consumer? And how can this be done in a way that complements the support being offered to vulnerable customers, ideally ensuring they benefit first from the energy transition.

This will be discussed across four tables, with participants discussing the conversation with the consumer around the following areas and how the value can be communicated.

  • Smart meters – battling negative headlines and stereotypes to present smart meters as the building block to a smart energy system
  • Demand-side response – how working from home and the focus on energy costs have created a perfect opportunity to promote the benefits of DSR
  • Decarbonisation of heat – how can we raise the profile of energy efficiency and green heating as a cost-cutting measure as well as a contributor to net zero?
  • EVs – a gateway to further decarbonisation? What ways can energy companies contribute to removing the remaining roadblocks for adoption of EVs?

Tables to be led by:


  • Zoe McLeod

    Zoe McLeod
    Chair - Chair of customer engagement group, Cadent and Sustainability First

  • Duncan McCombie

    Duncan McCombie
    Chair, customer engagement group - Western Power Distribution

  • Dan Alchin

    Dan Alchin
    Deputy director, retail - Energy UK

  • Alan Linter

    Alan Linter
    Innovation and data science director - Capita Consulting

1:15 pm

Fork buffet lunch, networking and exhibition

2:15 pm

INTERACTIVE BREAKOUTS – choose between Stream 1 or Stream 2

Delegates have the opportunity to choose between two panel discussions. Each presentation will run for roughly 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for a Q&A

STREAM 1: Retail Energy – A revolution in billing and payments

“How half hourly settlements will change the market”

  • MHHS as crucial in meeting net-zero goals: key for flexible energy market that shifts demand to where there is capacity in the grid 
  • Launching pad for innovative billing products and services – dynamic Time of Use Tariffs, battery storage optimisation, heat as a service, etc. 
  • Ensure no customers are left behind and the right protections are in place – recognise that not one size fits all

Denise Willis, Senior manager of industry change, EDF

“The role of billing and smart grids in the competitive landscape”

  • How companies are tactically going to be able to shape, or flex their demand and load away from grid intensive, expensive times
  • Suppliers competing not only on price, but on how smart their offering is
  • Huge changes needed for billing smart meter connectivity and not least, data downloading and transformation into a useful format (from DCC)

Mark Meyrick, Head of smart grids & PPA, Ecotricity

“Smart billing for an evolving market”

  • Changing consumer behaviour to shift energy consumption without significant and easy-to-understand incentives will be challenging
  • Many consumers – and indeed billers – will continue to prefer a fixed tariff paid on a monthly basis and may find themselves out of pocket
  • How should biller begin rethinking their billing strategy to build greater flexibility and control into the billing and payment process and ensure no customers are left behind?

James Bushby, Business development lead, Mastercard


STREAM 2: Networks – Empowering communities on the net-zero journey

“Local net-zero for local people”

  • Pulling together findings from the Energy Revolution Research Consortium, this presentation will explore how a smart, local energy systems approach could be key to unlocking consumer engagement 
  • How local approaches to net-zero could enable a faster, cheaper and fairer transition 
  • How the consumer benefits of a smart, local energy system will require some changes to policy and regulation

Jeff Hardy, Senior research fellow, Grantham Institute – Imperial College London

“Powering communities to net-zero: bringing customers along the ED2 journey”

  • Getting the engagement balance right between current and future customers
  • Local-led approach to ensure a fair and just transition
  • Customer value propositions and regulatory outcomes
  • Partnership opportunities

Eliane Algaard, Director of customer operations, SSEN 

“Strong leadership, community engagement & active collaboration – some key learnings from West Coast USA and Australia”

  • Strategies that leading utilities in California and Australia are using to successfully engage and empower their communities to achieve net-zero within increasingly stringent regulatory frameworks and customer expectations
  • The emergence of the ‘resource savvy citizen’, the need to create ‘social value’ as well as shareholder value, and the criticality of supporting the most vulnerable customers.
  • The role that Industry platforms and digital insights have to help utilities achieve net-zero and amply the ‘voice of the customer’ in the community

George Hunt, Chief strategy officer, general manager, Europe – Smart Energy Water

3:15 pm

Refreshments, networking and exhibition

3:45 pm


3:45 pm

Exceeding customer expectations to result in an operational advantage

  • Harnessing customer data to design exceptional customer experiences
  • How to use the customer journey to improve the efficiency of operations


4:00 pm

The power of customer data

  • Using data to gain a clearer picture of real-time customer consumption and habits
  • Effectively communicating the benefits of sharing data to your customer base


  • Max McShane

    Max McShane
    Head of digital marketing - Octopus Energy

4:15 pm

Use of smart meter data to engage customers

  • The role of smart meter data in customer propositions
  • How smart meters are a stepping stone to future home energy management


4:30 pm

How can energy retailers harness smart metering to engage with their customers?

  • Using insight and data to understand consumers and shape campaigns
  • Smart metering as a tool to engage the less engaged
  • Bringing vulnerable and fuel poor customers on the journey
  • How our campaign is evolving during the energy crisis


  • Sara Higham

    Sara Higham
    Director of corporate affairs - Smart Energy GB

4:45 pm

Questions & answers

5:00 pm


This live keynote will be delivered virtually

  • What’s gone wrong? Why customers are paying the price for supplier failures and wholesale market shocks
  • Realism about energy bills – to net-zero and beyond
  • Fixing the energy market and delivering a fair deal for customers – the Cost of Energy Review


5:20 pm

Close of day 1 and networking drinks reception