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For more than two decades, we have been committed to developing software innovations to help you thrive in the sophisticated and specialised UK market. No matter the volume of data, the scale of operations, or the complexity of data flows, our solutions give you the unparalleled system-wide visibility you need to make better decisions, leading to greater efficiency, stronger customer satisfaction, and higher returns. Our tools integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, alleviating the burden on your IT department and making it easier than ever to not only manage your industry’s complexity but master it.

For more information, please visit: www.amt-sybex.com

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Lightico is an award-winning SaaS platform that empowers businesses to accelerate their customer journeys through automated workflows. With the Lightico Digital Completion Cloud™, companies leverage no-code workflows to easily collect customer eSignatures, documents, and payments, and authenticate ID in real time — straight from the customer’s smartphone. By unifying the previously siloed steps of customer-facing processes, businesses enjoy faster and shorter sales and servicing cycles, boost NPS, and significantly improve their completion rates. Hundreds of enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies in highly regulated industries such as finance, utilities, insurance, and telecommunications, rely on Lightico to make their customer journeys more efficient and streamlined.

For more information, please visit: www.lightico.com