WORKSHOP: The cost-of-living crisis and the journey to net zero

Time: 12:20 pm
day: 16 March


How can the energy sector ensure the cost-of-living crisis does not derail efforts to engage consumers on the net-zero journey? What methods are needed to communicate the benefits and ultimate cost savings of decarbonisation and to empower the consumer? And how can this be done in a way that complements the support being offered to vulnerable customers, ideally ensuring they benefit first from the energy transition.

This will be discussed across four tables, with participants discussing the conversation with the consumer around the following areas and how the value can be communicated.

  • Smart meters – battling negative headlines and stereotypes to present smart meters as the building block to a smart energy system
  • Demand-side response – how working from home and the focus on energy costs have created a perfect opportunity to promote the benefits of DSR
  • Decarbonisation of heat – how can we raise the profile of energy efficiency and green heating as a cost-cutting measure as well as a contributor to net zero?
  • EVs – a gateway to further decarbonisation? What ways can energy companies contribute to removing the remaining roadblocks for adoption of EVs?

Tables to be led by: