Mike Lapper

Mike Lapper

Company: Cadent Gas

Job title: Head of customer experience


Mike is a rising senior leader with 9 years’ experience in the gas industry. Having joined as a commercial graduate with National Grid in 2012, his career predominantly spans across gas distribution with experience operating in Commercial, Regulation and Stakeholder management roles and holds an MSc from the University of Worcester. Mike is Head of Customer Experience for the West Midlands Network within Cadent, which distributes gas to 1.95million homes and businesses across the West Midlands including cities such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Stoke and Dudley. The network directly employs 700 people and has a direct supply chain of circa 400 people. Outside of work, Mike is a keen football fan (supporting Wolves for his sins) and has recently dusted off the boots to join a veterans league, but drifting down the pitch to play at centre-half. If not at the football pitch, he can be found in the local soft-play with his two (demanding) young children and is an avid fan of a slide or ball-pit. An entrepreneur at heart, and for the few remaining moments of quiet time left in the day, Mike has recently launched a thriving business providing custom-designed plantable eco-cards for businesses keen to leave a positive last impression with their customers.


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