Gary Rosier-Taylor

Gary Rosier-Taylor

Company: Localz

Job title: Vice president of sales


Formerly Managing Partner UK & Ireland at Verizon Connect, Gary Rosier-Taylor has over a decade of experience in software and technology sales environments. He specialises in start up organisations going through significant growth phases and increasing market exposure. As VP of Sales at Localz, Gary works with customers to drive operational efficiencies and provide their end customers with a significantly better experience.


Exceeding customer expectations to result in an operational advantage 3:45 pm

Harnessing customer data to design exceptional customer experiences How to use the customer journey to improve the efficiency of operationsRead more

day: 16 March

Workshop: delivering exceptional customer experiences post-pandemic 12:05 pm

What is the impact of the pandemic on customer journeys and behaviours?  How can you create seamless transitions across online and offline to build customer confidence? Working in a hybrid world: How can we ensure customer centric cultures during a new working world?  Case Study: Innovative Covid recovery and support for customers in difficulty  Read more

day: 17 March