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Utility Week is proud to bring to you the only UK cyber security & resilience event for the utility sector that will enable the sector to move away from the fear of cyber-attacks to the overall preparation and resilience for the inevitable attack.


Jane Gray
Content director
Utility Week

Global levels of cyber-crime are predicted to reach £5 trillion by 2021, and critical national infrastructure is a prime target for unscrupulous hackers and cyber criminals.

The impact of a breach is vast, with estimates of the immediate economic impact of a significant cyber-attack on a UK regional electricity distribution network being as high as £86 billion.

As such, it is imperative that energy and water utilities effectively manage these risks, and ensure their networks and systems are safe.

Building on its successful launch in 2019, the 2020 Utility Week Cyber Security and Resilience Conference equips IS, risk, resilience, security and OT leaders with the insight to prepare and protect infrastructure, services and customers from growing cyber threats.

Join us to weigh in on the debate, hear innovative case studies, and network with key stakeholders, enabling you to have a robust strategy in place to manage the inevitable threat or attack and ensure that safety and operations will be seamlessly maintained. The exclusive pre-conference cyber security wargame will test your relationships with key stakeholders and give you invaluable lessons to take back to your organisation.


C-suite executives, directors, heads and managers responsible for:

• Information security
• Data
• Technology
• Security
• Operations
• Digital
• Risk
• Smart
• IoT
• Resilience
• Cyber

It will also be of interest to:

• Government
• Regulators
• Consultants
• Contractors & suppliers
• NGOs
• Academics



Utility Week is the UK’s unrivalled provider of utility news, insight and impact analysis. It provides a complete understanding of market changes, the impact and steps to take. Its membership empowers utility leaders and their teams to transform with confidence – improving outcomes for stakeholders and customers.

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