Utility Week is proud to bring to you the only UK cyber security & resilience event for the utility sector that will enable the sector to move away from the fear of cyber-attacks to the overall preparation and resilience for the inevitable attack.

Over the last few years, attacks on critical national infrastructure have increased with no chance of subsiding anytime soon with estimates saying that global cybercrime costs could reach £5 trillion by 2021. Utilities need to learn how to manage cyber risk in a similar way to other risks, especially as our critical national infrastructure not only affects the bottom line but public safety.

As a result of these real-life cyber threats, Utility Week has launched the Cyber Security & Resilience Conference to help you:  

  • Ensure that your organisation is prepared and secure against foreign attacks and vulnerability when updating legacy systems with new security protocols and systems
  • Create the security behavioural change within your organisation starting with the board & executive management buy-in, enabling security to cascade throughout your whole organisation
  • Fully embed security as an agile function and not just a one-time issue


COOs, CTOs, CIOs, CDOs, directors, heads, managers and engineers within utilities responsible for:

  • Cyber security
  • IT security
  • Risk management
  • Data protection
  • Compliance
  • Operations
  • Digital forensics
  • Security architecture / systems
  • Information assurance

In addition to:

  • Government & policymakers
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Solution providers
  • NGOs
  • Academics


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