12 March 2019

8:40 am

Registration, coffee and innovation showcase

9:10 am

Introduction from the conference chair


  • Andy Bates

    Andy Bates
    Executive director United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Africa - Global Cyber Alliance

9:15 am


9:15 am

The future landscape of cyber security and resilience for the utility sector

  • Update on legislation and challenges this poses to the utility industry
  • Future-proofing your network for cyber-attack
  • Key considerations for your cyber and resilience strategy in the long-term


9:45 am

How to ensure that cyber literacy and resilience are prioritised into the board & executive management’s agenda

  • Translating ‘techy speak’ into business language: whose responsibility is this?
  • Embedding secure mindsets and habits: is culture helping or hindering efforts?
  • Acquiring and developing digitally fluent talent in a world where:
    – Digital skills are in short supply
    – Progress is driven by people and experiences


10:05 am

How to manage the cyber security dimensions of critical energy infrastructure

  • How NATO implements strategies to reduce the risk of cyber attacks
  • Understanding how NATO classifies the prioritisation and protection of the most critical core information infrastructure
  • Properly assessing the vulnerabilities and threat profiles to your critical energy infrastructure


10:25 am

Cyber security of IoT in critical national infrastructure


10:40 am

Audience poll, questions and answers

10:55 am

Coffee, networking and innovation showcase

11:25 am


11:25 am

Creating and implementing advanced but cost-effective risk and security management frameworks

  • Integrating proportionate cyber and physical security into construction delivery and future energy generation operations
  • Reducing risk and cost through smart security solutions
  • EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point ‘C’ security case study


  • Steve Rumbold

    Steve Rumbold
    Security case and strategy development manager - EDF Energy

11:45 am

How to contribute to customers’ online safety & take steps to better protect them

  • Understanding how your customers know that an email from you is an email from you and a link to your website is a link to your website
    – Multiple studies have shown that more than 90% of all online attacks start with a phishing email
  • What actions can utilities take to reduce the risk that their name will be used to launch a cyber-attack, discredit their brand and risk their customers’ livelihood?
  • Mitigating prevalent cyber risks like phishing and the Internet of Things on a global scale


  • Gill Thomas

    Gill Thomas
    Assistant director, EMEA outreach - Global Cyber Alliance

12:05 pm

Managing and mitigating risk in the utility sector’s cyber supply chain

  • Using contracts to manage the risk in your supply chain
  • Building a joined-up approach to mitigate the human risks
  • Monitoring that assurances are backed up by actions


  • Mary Sabalis

    Mary Sabalis
    Head of business systems - South East Water

  • Caroline Gould

    Caroline Gould
    Head of legal and data protection officer - South East Water

12:25 pm

Audience poll, questions and answers

Session speakers to be joined by:


12:40 pm

Networking lunch and innovation showcase

1:40 pm


1:40 pm

Securing your digital future in the face of obsolescence, digitalisation, ICS and IoT

  • Assessing cyber risk exposure
  • Assuring security
  • Maintaining resilience


1:55 pm

Audience poll, questions and answers

2:00 pm

Panel discussion: guaranteeing integrity assurance on human and digital identity for CNI

  • Hear the debated best practices in the industry along with the inherent weaknesses
  • How to validate and regularly review people’s identities
  • Understanding and managing the challenging government policies and threats


3:00 pm

Coffee, networking and innovation showcase

3:30 pm


3:30 pm

An industry-friendly resilience-based interdependency assessment tool: case study of North Argyll, Scotland

  • An assessment tool providing means of shared intervention
  • A dynamic decision support system managing interdependent infrastructure
  • Driving resilience in asset management


  • Dr. Maryam Imani

    Dr. Maryam Imani
    Senior lecturer in the school of engineering & the built environment - Anglia Ruskin University

  • Dr. Donya Hajializadeh

    Dr. Donya Hajializadeh
    Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - University of Surrey

3:50 pm

Device centric security strategies for the modern work place

  • Mobile devices generate more corporate traffic than a traditional laptop or PC and traditional security investments such as SWG and EPP are no longer enough
  • Many enterprises are looking to unify their mobile and traditional devices under one Unified Endpoint Management (UEM strategy).
  • This is the perfect opportunity for companies to rethink their workspace security strategy and benefit from device-centric technologies such as MTD, CASB and Mobile SWG that are better suited to mobile deployment models.
  • In this session, Wandera will share best practices to help you design a device-centric security strategy for the modern workplace.


4:05 pm

Vulnerability monitoring of interdependent systems and assets, coordination and sharing

  • What is the balance between the UK Government and private sector in protecting the utility industry?
  • Reviewing the latest advisory work around smart meters and outdated technology
  • Preparing and preventing cyber threats from occurring


  • Simon Newman

    Simon Newman
    Chief strategy officer - Police Digital Security Centre

4:25 pm

Audience poll, questions and answers

4:40 pm

Closing remarks and end of conference