Malachy McVeigh

Malachy McVeigh

Company: Power NI

Job title: Head of payment and account resolutions team


Malachy joined the Utility Industry in Sept 1979 in what was then known as Northern Ireland Electricity Supply (NIES).  Over his career of 40 years Malachy has been part of a journey through many phases of change from privatisation, market opening, transformation and various name rebrands leading to the current company name PowerNI.  Malachy has worked in the Collections side of the business for around 35 years from a junior position to a Senior Management role with responsibility for all Collections in Northern Ireland.  PowerNI is part of the Energia Group and in 2014 Energia entered the Domestic market in the Republic of Ireland.  I took on the additional role of heading up the collection’s activities in this new market.  Over this long career I have been part of many changes, experienced multiple layers of transformation, developed multiple strategies and had responsibility for the delivery of many projects that impacted collections activities.  Innovation and change continue to be a major focus and I continue to seek ways to deliver these for the business.


Changing the perception, image and culture of debt collection 1:20 pm

The role of debt collection within the overall business and the journey to provide greater understanding and promotion of its importance Driving cultural change and attitudes to debt collection and debt collection staff Rebranding – why?  the journey and resultsRead more

day: 27 February 2020