Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson

Company: Octopus Energy

Job title: Founder and chief executive


As a technology entrepreneur, Greg built and sold ecommerce company C360, built HomeServe’s innovation business and is an angel investor in a wide range of tech start-ups. He founded Octopus Energy in 2015. Octopus Energy uses technology to be highly efficient – empowering customers with a full digital experience, and then using the same systems to provide the highest standards of support to its customers by phone, email and chat. This technology allows Octopus to challenge normal energy models, challenging ‘tease and squeeze’ practices by offering good value to new and loyal customers, and maximising price transparency. Octopus has campaigned for an energy price cap to help bring transparency and competition to the market and empower consumers.


Delivering fair pricing and value for consumers 9:45 am

Understanding the relationship with the consumer Designing a pricing and billing system that is honest, transparent and accountable A critical analysis of two-tier pricingRead more

day: 17 January 2019