Nicola Eaton Sawford

Nicola Eaton Sawford

Company: Customer Whisperers

Job title: Managing director


Nikki and the team at Customer Whisperers eat, sleep and breathe Customer Experience. Their passion is contagious, and their talents have been applied to improve the Customer Experiences enjoyed by tens of millions of UK customers. They work with brands across all sectors including Boohoo, Electricity North West, Just Eat, National Express, BUPA, Direct Line, Redrow Homes, Onward Housing Group, Odeon to help them better understand customers and anticipate their changing needs. She creates pragmatic customer journeys and experiences with a sprinkle of magic. The team work to develop the skills within clients to respond to customers’ future requirements and embrace the opportunities that the contemporary technology and approaches present. Inspiring leaders to make the necessary changes is where they add real value, The Whisperers unique combination of innovation and pragmatism delivers enviable results. Their energy and fresh perspectives transform the way people think about Customers and shapes engaging visions. They motivate every individual to know and play their part; Board, frontline and back office. Through their groundbreaking Collaborate On events they showcase great, innovative and emerging customer experience approaches.


Introduction from conference chair 9:20 am

day: 17 January 2019