Yiango Mavrocostanti

Yiango Mavrocostanti

Company: Western Power Distribution

Job title: Innovation and low carbon networks engineer


Yiango Mavrocostanti is an Innovation and low carbon networks engineer at Western Power Distribution. Following her interests in sustainable energy networks and low carbon technologies, Yiango has been working on WPD innovation projects since 2012, while studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London.  After obtaining her MEng degree in 2014, Yiango joined WPD as a Graduate engineer and then obtained a position in the Future Networks team as an Innovation Engineer. Since 2015, Yiango has been the technical lead of the Network Equilibrium project, which aims to release network capacity for low carbon technologies by trialling new, intelligent ways of controlling voltages and power flows in 33kV and 11kV networks. Yiango has also been the Project manager of a number of Network Innovation Allowance projects and is running the WPD community energy work programme.


Maximising customer participation in demand side flexibility 11:50 am

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day: 17 January 2019