Founded in 2012, based in Switzerland, depsys works with electricity distribution system operators (DSO) in various ways. In particular, it enables them to better understand and control their grids by providing them with valuable data via its intelligent technological platform GridEye. In addition to optimising current networks, depsys helps distributors to adapt and move more easily towards the energy transition.

As a recognised leader of innovation in an energy market undergoing a sustainable transition, depsys has won numerous technological and economic distinctions, and has been awarded contracts with more than 40 network operators around the world.

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TNEI is an independent specialist energy consultancy providing technical, strategic, environmental and consenting advice to organisations operating within the conventional and renewable energy sectors. We have a range of skills tailored specifically to answer the issues associated with increased distributed renewable generation and the integration of low carbon technology. Our consultants have industry leading expertise in grid code compliance studies, noise assessment and modelling of innovative, smart grid technologies. These skills are complemented by a number of other technical services; from GIS and consenting, to civil engineering and energy market analysis, allowing us to confidently guide clients through projects from concept to delivery.

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VT’s overall mission is to digitise the physical world through our innovative hardware and software technologies.

VT’s Net Zero mission is to support distribution enterprises to achieve end-to-end system visibility across their operations to digitally transform their business models, operations and interactions with stakeholders, producers and consumers on the march to Net Zero.

Our in-house hardware and software teams, with capabilities across Machine Learning, AI and Blockchain development deliver tailor-made advanced signal processing devices and decision analytics software to leading national DSOs and LV Grid actors to enable the execution of various  Net Zero strategies.

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