Dan Clarke

Dan Clarke

Company: ENA

Job title: Head of innovation


Dan is the Head of Innovation at ENA providing a collaborative environment for Gas and Electricity Networks to identify strategic and technical challenges, provide solutions to these challenges through the development of innovation projects and initiatives, and collectively progress towards Net Zero. The team provide expertise across the key areas of Network Innovation, Low Carbon Technologies, and Data and Digitalisation, and works closely with Ofgem, Government and key stakeholders. 

Dan is currently leading ENA’s work on several key initiatives including the National Energy System Map, the Digitalisation of Connections process, and the development of the Smarter Networks. 

Dan joined ENA in December 2020 having previously delivered projects in the energy, sustainable transport and air quality management sectors at a leading technical consultancy. In addition, he fulfilled the roles of Key Account Manager for Heathrow Airport and Fleet Electrification Lead. Dan has managed projects and programmes in various other industries including energy aggregation and demand side response, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and IT. Dan has an MBA specialising in Strategic Carbon Management. 



How can we best ensure innovation in line with FES and net zero? 11:30 am

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day: 29 March 2022