Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Company: Energy Systems Catapult

Job title: Executive adviser


Eric joined the Energy Systems Catapult when it was established in April 2015. He became Chief Technology Officer in April 2019 having previously been Innovation Director. In his time at the Catapult he has focussed on programmes and initiatives that respond to the challenges and opportunities of energy system transformation. 

Eric became involved in the energy sector after having gained many years’ experience in the telecommunications industry where he worked in a variety of roles focussed on defining, designing and delivering systems that respond to the demands of substantial technology and business change. 
Educated in Canada, Eric has a BSc in Mathematics and Physics, a BEng in Electrical Engineering and an MSc in Electrical Engineering. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of The IET and a Fellow of the Energy Institute. 



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day: 29 March 2022

Panel debate and questions: a whole systems approach: how do we make it work? 10:15 am

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day: 29 March 2022