Keith Owen

Keith Owen

Company: Northern Gas Networks

Job title: Head of systems development and energy strategy


Keith is a Chartered Engineer who began his career with British Gas in 1991 and has had a variety of roles within the industry throughout his career. 

He led the NGN H21 programme until mid-2019 and sits on the HyDeploy programme steering board. Keith chairs the IGEM Hydrogen Committee which is working to revise all Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers [IGEM] standards to incorporate hydrogen as the low carbon gas for heat. 

He represented NGN on the UK Hydrogen Programme Development Group, which seeks to develop a nationally aligned strategy and research delivery programme that will deliver a future hydrogen economy for the UK. 

Keith is the project manager for InTEGReL, the whole energy systems research and development centre launched in 2017, the purpose of which is to demonstrate at scale the benefits of a multi-utility whole energy systems approach. The InTEGReL facility is also the home of HyDeploy2 blending up to 20% hydrogen into the existing gas network.