Peter Sceats

Peter Sceats

Peter Sceats

Company: Grand Union Water

Job title: Managing Director


Peter Sceats has traded, brokered and consulted across electricity, gas, coal and water.

He has specialised in new markets, business start-ups and the formation of commodity indices. Peter designed the Month Ahead Gas Index of Italy and the API coal indices upon which the international coal market is based and all European coal power stations are valued.

Peter input to the Japanese energy suppliers and the government with his “Liberalising Energy Markets: What to Expect and How to Handle it” programme. He set up risk management and trading businesses for RWE, Gerald Ltd and BHP Billiton.

Peter was for five and a half years “Co-ordinator of European Markets” for Tradition Energy, the US’s largest Energy Advisor procuring for large scale consumers. In 2016 he resigned that contract with colleagues and founded Grand Union Water Co. and energy storage broker London Power & Light.

He began his work in the water markets in 2010 inputting “The GB Virtual Water Main” (a model for a competitive wholesale water market) into the 2011 UK Water White Paper.

Peter lives in Zug and London and is (still) a scooter riding Mod who sings and plays the guitar really loudly.