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It’s estimated that thirty-eight thousand new ‘face mask’ manufacturers have emerged in China since the COVID-19 crisis began. The market is currently flooded with ‘value for money’ face mask and PPE products that are being sold based on bogus performance and quality claims. As well as reducing the risk of counterfeit and non-compliant critical health and safety products and equipment from entering your organisation, other challenges that you're facing may also include:

  • Securing large PPE product quantities.
  • Ensuring product performance compliance.
  • Ringfencing and refreshing preparedness stock.
  • Protecting your organisation from price profiteering.
  • Supporting UK manufacturers and workers.

At this critical time, you need the assurance of a PPE distributor and safety services provider committed to only providing safety equipment that’s genuine and compliant. To do this, Arco have a 5- step product assurance process and is the only UK safety distributor with an independently accredited quality assurance testing laboratory. Talk to our team today to learn how Arco can help ensure that your colleagues go home safe after every shift. E:

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Gore Products for Professional Use provide top to toe end user protection from its comprehensive portfolio of laminates and fabric technologies for garments and footwear. All are engineered to ensure utility workers don’t compromise on safety, comfort or protection when working indoors or outdoors. Introducing Gore’s new breakthrough technology, Arc Rated GORE® PYRAD® garments.  This offers heat and flame protection from a one ply fabric making coveralls, jackets and trousers up to 50% lighter than other Class 2 arc rated garments whilst providing the same protection level.  Designed for use in dry and temperate conditions, garments come in plain and hi-vis colour options. Gore’s exacting manufacturing standards mean that only after stringent laboratory testing are products trialled in working environments and fit for purpose.  Footwear is no exception.  Serving multiple end user requirements, GORE-TEX footwear laminates are engineered to keep feet dry and protected by being durably waterproof and breathable.

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