Elouise Leonard

Elouise Leonard-Cross, Head of People Strategy & Experience from Northumbrian Water Group answers our four quick questions ahead of the Utility Week Health, Safety and Workforce Welfare Summit.

What can we expect from your contribution at Health, Safety and Workforce Welfare Summit 2022?

I’ll be sharing insights from our organisational learning journey in creating a fresh approach to all forms of health, including how we have worked to make the offer stronger but also simpler and more accessible.

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at the conference?

Understanding the practices of others, the ideas and approaches that can help inform our planning to proactive health and wellness

What are the biggest challenges facing your industry at the moment, in your opinion?

The pandemic has been a huge pressure for a almost 2 years, we can’t underestimate the negative impact this has had on people and need to plan for this challenge.

Why do you think that Health, Safety and Workforce Welfare Summit 2022 is an important meeting?

It’s key we come together and share, by sharing and learning we all get better and can better serve and support the people that power our business.