The role of hydrogen within whole systems transition and integration

Time: 12:45 pm
day: 17 November 2021


  • What is the likely mix?  Electrification/hydrogen/renewables.  Where will hydrogen be part of the solution for intermittent supply and over supply. What impact could this have on electricity demand in future? 
  • How will gas networks adapt to hydrogen in the mix, which parts of the system can be repurposed for hydrogen at lower costs for conversion. 
  • What about the other ‘green’ gases – methane, biogas – what part will they play alongside hydrogen? 
  • How and where are the likely technology developments to create and produce and convert hydrogen into other forms of fuel? 
  • What are the anticipated effects of hydrogen on physical assets, how will this be measured and managed 
  • What impact will blending have – and what does 20% blending mean for those in the area if there is no other choice?