Andy Eastlake

Andy Eastlake

Company: Zemo Partnership

Job title: Chief executive


Andy Eastlake was a founding member of the Zemo Partnership in 2003 and after serving both on the board and as chair of the members council for many years, was appointed as Managing Director in April 2012. He was formerly Group Head of Commercial and Projects at Millbrook Proving Ground where he was responsible for all the laboratories and commercial activity and led the work on powertrain test and development programmes and alternative fuels, for a variety of global OEM customers. Andy built his career in vehicle engineering, focussing on developing new test methods specialising in powertrain development, fuel economy and emissions. 

As Head of Laboratories Andy was responsible for all technical aspects of the Millbrook business and for government and European legislative relations, supporting a wide range of policy initiatives for the UK government. He joined Millbrook after a year’s training with Vauxhall Motors by whom he was sponsored to study for a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Southampton University. Andy has supported many innovation activities in an advisory role including the creation of CENEX in 2005 and the APC in 2013. Andy is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and has supported STEM development throughout his career. 

Andy became Zemo Partnership Chief Executive Officer in June 2021. 


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day: 17 November 2021