David Watson

David Watson

Company: Cadent Gas

Job title: Head of energy transition


David has over twenty years’ experience in the energy industry, with leadership roles in a variety of policy, regulatory and strategy positions.  He was previously Director, Group Strategy at Centrica where he led the development of their decarbonisation of power, mobility and heat strategies, and was latterly Managing Director at Heat Trust, acting as the consumer champion for those living and working on heat networks across the UK.  He recently joined Cadent as Head of Energy Transition where he is now focused on the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.


Domestic heat: Ensuring the customer remains central to development planning 3:30 pm

Update on developments in heat systems, hydrogen ready boilers  Hydrogen v renewable gas v heat pumps  What barriers would need to be overcome with public perception and uptake in the domestic environment? Ensuring customers are well informed and support to make the decision (Lessons learned from the smart meter rollout, and gas switch in 70s) …Read more

day: 17 November 2021