Dr Fiona Fylan

Dr Fiona Fylan

Company: Leeds Beckett University

Job title: Reader in sustainable behaviour


Fiona is a Health Psychologist who leads the Sustainable Behaviour team within the Leeds Sustainability Institute at Leeds Beckett University. This is an interdisciplinary unit that undertakes research to tackle problems such as fuel poverty, air pollution, poor housing, and the impact of the built environment on climate change. Fiona provides expertise in understanding behaviour, building statistical models to predict behaviourdesigning and evaluating behavioural change interventions, and in communicating with the public about sustainability. Fiona is working on several Hydrogen projects, including research to explore public perceptions of hydrogen and how they would respond to a hydrogen transition, how to enable people to make informed choices about their energy, research on air quality and hydrogen, and research to understand how to communicate with people about taking part in hydrogen trials. 


PANEL: How do we put the customer at the heart of the hydrogen revolution? 4:00 pm

What will be the cost to the consumer, green/blue or otherwise? Will they have a choice?  How do consumers perceive blue hydrogen with associated carbon creation  If hydrogen is to be incentivised how will this be paid for – through taxation or billing – what does this  mean to the consumer?  How will hydrogen impact heating and cooking and by when? …Read more

day: 17 November 2021