Jacob Young MP

Jacob Young MP

Company: All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hydrogen

Job title: Chair


Jacob Young MP was elected as the Member of Parliament for the Redcar Constituency in December 2019.  

Born in Middlesbrough, Jacob has lived in Teesside since birth and previously worked in the Petrochemical Industry on Wilton Site. 

Jacob trained as a Process Operator with TTE in Southbank and studied at both Redcar and Cleveland College and Teesside University. 

In Parliament, he chairs the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Hydrogen and the Chemical Industry. 



How will regulators incentivise hydrogen solutions as part of the net zero journey? 9:40 am

What policy frameworks are in planning at an international, national and local level to encourage hydrogen investment and adoption.  What are the market models and what incentives are needed for these models – impacts of the BEIS consultation  Where and how can standards support, and possibly accelerate the local and national approach to decarbonisation?   Expectations…Read more

day: 17 November 2021