Richard Halsey

Richard Halsey

Company: Energy Systems Catapult

Job title: Director


Richard is a Director at the Energy Systems Catapult established and overseen by Innovate UK to stimulate
innovation and transformational change across the energy system. He specialises in the delivery of clean
energy and innovation projects working with the public and private sector in support of decarbonisation
and transformation of the energy system. Richard leads the Catapults innovation directorate of over one
hundred energy system and innovation experts comprising energy planners, designers, engineers, data and
social scientists, modellers and analysts. He joined the Catapult in 2015 having previously worked for over a
decade in energy consultancy leading teams specialising in low carbon energy, energy system
transformation, innovation, planning and sustainable development. He is a Member of the Energy Institute,
a founder director of a number of UK community energy cooperatives and sits on BEIS Hydrogen Advisory
Council. Richard oversees the development and delivery of a diverse range of innovation projects and
programmes for the Catapult in partnership with government, industry and academia supporting the
decarbonisation of heat, power and mobility and commitment to Net Zero.


The role of hydrogen within whole systems transition and integration 12:45 pm

What is the likely mix?  Electrification/hydrogen/renewables.  Where will hydrogen be part of the solution for intermittent supply and over supply. What impact could this have on electricity demand in future?  How will gas networks adapt to hydrogen in the mix, which parts of the system can be repurposed for hydrogen at lower costs for conversion. …Read more

day: 17 November 2021