Stuart McKay

Stuart McKay

Company: Scottish Government

Job title: Head of hydrogen policy


Stuart holds a Master Degree in Business Administration and spent several years working as a lecturer in Project Management, Business Policy and Operations Management. Stuart joined the Scottish Government in 2005 from a background of air, rail and road freight transport logistics to manage major rail electrification projects and is now Head of Hydrogen Policy for the Scottish Government leading the development of policy in this exciting and ambitious area.

During his time as head of hydrogen policy the Scottish Government has commissioned and published a range of analysis and research on hydrogen including: the Scottish Hydrogen Assessment Report , the report of the study into Deep Carbonisation Pathways for Scottish Industries (considering hydrogen and electrification) and the Scottish Offshore Wind to Green Hydrogen Opportunity Assessment.

All of which provided the evidence base to inform the publication of the Scottish Government’s Hydrogen Policy Statement in December 2020 announcing Scotland’s ambition of generating 5 Giga Watts of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen by 2030.

Following on from the publication of the policy statement the hydrogen policy team in Scottish Government is now preparing a Hydrogen Action Plan for Scotland which will be published in 2021.


The role of hydrogen within whole systems transition and integration 12:45 pm

What is the likely mix?  Electrification/hydrogen/renewables.  Where will hydrogen be part of the solution for intermittent supply and over supply. What impact could this have on electricity demand in future?  How will gas networks adapt to hydrogen in the mix, which parts of the system can be repurposed for hydrogen at lower costs for conversion. …Read more

day: 17 November 2021