Zoe Guijarro

Zoe Guijarro

Company: Citizens Advice

Job title: Senior policy advisor


Zoe joined the Future Energy Services team in February 2015 to lead policy work on renewable and low carbon heat, microgeneration and community energy. The main focus of work in this area is GB wide but it also includes aspects of this work at the European level. Zoe’s work is concentrated on building up the evidence base for better consumer engagement in these areas to help inform Citizens Advice in its advocacy on the future of low carbon heating and decentralised energy solutions. Before joining Citizens Advice Zoe worked as a Climate & Energy Specialist at WWF-UK leading their advocacy on energy efficiency, zero carbon homes and low-carbon heat.


PANEL: How do we put the customer at the heart of the hydrogen revolution? 4:00 pm

What will be the cost to the consumer, green/blue or otherwise? Will they have a choice?  How do consumers perceive blue hydrogen with associated carbon creation  If hydrogen is to be incentivised how will this be paid for – through taxation or billing – what does this  mean to the consumer?  How will hydrogen impact heating and cooking and by when? …Read more

day: 17 November 2021