Rob Evans

Rob Evans

Company: Earth Active

Job title: Director


Rob is an ESG specialist with a good understanding of global investment risks and opportunities
across numerous sectors. A specialist consultant on the Equator Principles, IFC Performance Standards,
EBRD Performance Requirements & World Bank ESF he has worked with numerous financing
institutions (both private and public) over the last 25 years. Rob also brings particular value as an
experienced on-the ground HSSE Manager, who is used to working at both site and board-level as
needed. The former head of PwC Indonesia’s Sustainability and Climate Change team, Rob also helped
to design and deliver the ESG e-learning now used by the Equator Principles Association and the
training used by the World Bank for their new Environmental and Social Framework.


What are investors looking for from the ESG agenda in straitened times? 2:30 pm

day: DAY TWO: 18 March 2021