Stuart Cook

Stuart Cook

Company: Complete Strategy

Job title: Managing Director


Stuart Cook is the Managing Director of Complete Strategy, who focus on providing practical strategic advice to the regulated industries. He has a wide experience of advising on strategy, the delivery of strategic and regulatory change and on securing regulatory compliance, having worked in the power and utilities sector for over 30 years. Before founding Complete Strategy, Stuart was PwC’s Head of Utility Strategy & Regulation. Previous to PwC, Stuart worked at Ofgem, where he a member of the Gas & Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA, Ofgem’s Board) and Managing Director of Ofgem E-Serve.


Panel discussion: viewpoints on regulating for investor confidence 12:10 pm

What is the right cost of capital for investor confidence and consumer value? How do you ensure stable returns for investors in an unpredictable, heavily regulated market? Do new regulatory frameworks include sufficient upside incentive for outperformance? How should regulation adapt to accelerate investments in the infrastructure and technologies needed for net zero?Read more

day: DAY TWO: 18 March 2021