Professor Krzysztof Koziol

Professor Krzysztof Koziol

Company: Cranfield University

Job title: Head of Composites Centre


Krzysztof holds a Chair in Composites Engineering at Cranfield University. As the Head of the Enhanced Composites and Structures Centre he is leading a unique team of scientists and engineers; he is currently overseeing more than 60 projects across advanced materials design, materials science, polymers, composites materials, composites manufacture, process control and material/structure performance. Krzysztof’s career spanning polymer science, materials and nanotechnology, with engineering and master’s degree in Chemistry and PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University.

Over the past 20 years he has pioneered development, implementation and manufacturing of carbon-based nanomaterials with specific focus on graphene. His work has seen him lead EU programs on new-generation, lightweight, high-performance electric conductors, poised to replace copper and aluminium. He has developed novel functional carbon nanomaterials and multifunctional composite structures. He has also been responsible for the progression of BEIS funded, large-scale manufacture of sustainable hydrogen