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Future perfect? Energy’s vital role in decarbonisation

26th April 2019

Writing exclusively for Utility Week Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK, talks about the need for change following the publication of the trade body’s Future of Energy report. As you’ll see elsewhere inUtility Week, Energy UK has today published its Future of Energy report. The report has been long planned, being the culmination of a…Read more

Letter from the Editor: Earth calling utilities

26th April 2019

From eco warriors Extinction Rebellion paralysing London transport to highlight climate change, to Sir David Attenborough’s TV plea on behalf of the planet, saving the world has become a mainstream message – and utilities are centre stage, writes Utility Week editor Suzanne Heneghan (pictured) The race to save the planet is on and utilities are…Read more

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Revealed: Energy’s 2019 agenda

23rd April 2019

Low carbon heating standard to be unveiled by chancellor

23rd April 2019

All new build homes will be required to have low carbon heating under a new standard, which is due to be unveiled by Phillip Hammond this week. The Treasury has revealed that the chancellor of the exchequer’s spring statement, which takes place this Wednesday (13 March), will include a future homes standard for cutting emissions…Read more

EDF stockpiling materials in the event of no-deal Brexit

23rd April 2019

EDF has been stockpiling key materials to maintain operations in the event of a no-deal Brexit, one of the company’s directors has revealed. Angela Hepworth, policy and regulation director at EDF Energy, told a Brexit briefing event yesterday (28 March) that the company had been putting in place plans for the “worst-case scenario” of a…Read more

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Should the smart meter rollout deadline be scrapped?

23rd April 2019

Following a litany of setbacks and disappointments, and with the seemingly unattainable 2020 target fast-approaching, Adam John asks should the smart meter rollout deadline be scrapped? Interoperability issues, missed deadlines and a deceleration of installations – the omens for the smart meter rollout have not been good. Indeed, with the 2020 deadline looming, you would…Read more

Finding Brexit’s softer side

23rd April 2019

Watching parliament snarled up in another bitter Brexit deadlock earlier this week, it was hard not to wonder if it was time a few ­utilities bosses stepped in. While the unedifying political row over Britain’s membership of the EU has dragged on for almost three years, life – and work – outside the Westminster bubble…Read more

Letter from the Editor: Unfolding consequences of Brexit delay

23rd April 2019

It was a close-run thing. At 11pm tonight, the UK could very well have crashed out of Europe. There would now have been wall-to-wall TV news ­coverage raking over the fallout from a Brexit process that has at times seemed like a high-stakes form of the old parlour game ­Consequences – with politicians making up…Read more