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Amanda Philips

Amanda Philips

Amanda Philips

Company: United Utilities

Job title: Priority services lead


Amanda has worked within the water industry and United Utilities (UU) for more than 10 years, starting as a HR secretary and since then has worked her way around the organisation gaining knowledge and experience via such roles as, Intranet Co-ordinator, an Employee Engagement Advisor and an Employee Communications Business Partner. In May 2017, her career took a change when she made the move from employee engagement to customer engagement and became the Customer Services’ Priority Services Engagement Lead. Amanda currently works to promote the benefits of signing up to UU’s Priority Services Register, working and creating partnerships with many charities and organisations from around the region, using their expert knowledge and advice in helping UU to endorse the scheme to customers in the North West that need a little bit of extra help. Her interest and curiosity also extends to new innovation ideas and how they can help customers living in vulnerable circumstances. Being a work stream lead involved in the UK 2020 PSR project, in February 2018, Amanda also was also involved in UU becoming the first water company to share its Priority Services data with the energy sector in a revolutionary three-month pilot with Electricity North West, which carries on to this day.


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day: 27 June 2019