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Chris Fitch

Chris Fitch

Chris Fitch

Company: Money Advice Trust

Job title: Vulnerability lead


Chris Fitch is the Money Advice Trust’s vulnerability lead, and a research fellow at Bristol University’s Personal Finance Research Centre. Over the last 13 years, Chris has run a programme of research on vulnerability, financial difficulty, and financial services. This has involved research underpinning the design of the debt and mental health evidence form, as well as the first ever UK study of the experience of frontline creditor staff when working with customers in vulnerable situations. In 2016, Chris was named in Credit Today’s top 100 list of influential people working in the creditor sector for the second time.


Panel Debate – Are we doing enough as an industry? 11:45 am

Are we making improvements in dealing with and protecting vulnerable customers? Are we reducing the number of customers who are in vulnerable circumstances? Trends and developments, what more can we do? The challenges people experiencing mental health problems face in accessing and managing utility services The extra layer of vulnerability in England’s rural areasRead more

day: 27 June 2019