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Laura Dosanjh

Laura Dosanjh

Laura Dosanjh

Company: Charities Aid Foundation

Job title: Senior advisor, philanthropy division


Laura is a Senior Advisor in the Philanthropy Division at Charities Aid Foundation. She helps clients to develop and deliver their corporate responsibility and sustainability strategies, with a strong focus on social impact. Laura recently led cross-industry CAF’s roundtable on vulnerable consumers, examining the role of collaboration and innovation through partnerships with civil society organisations. With a strong interest in systemic approaches to social change across a wide range of outcome areas, Laura brings over 20 years’ experience as a strategy consultant and advisor, across private, public and charity sector.


Collaboration – an outside in perspective and opportunities within utilities 9:55 am

How Charities and organisations can work together to maximise their efforts Examples of this working outside of the utility industry What lessons can be learnt, and opportunities can be utilisedRead more

day: 27 June 2019