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Rob Salter-Church

Rob Salter-Church

Rob Salter-Church

Company: Ofgem

Job title: Director of retail systems transformation


Rob joined Ofgem in November 2013 to lead our work on smart metering and smarter markets, having worked in a number of departments in central Government for more than a decade, advising various Cabinet Ministers and the Head of the Civil Service on a range of policy areas, but with a particular focus on energy. Rob has worked as an economic advisor in HM Treasury leading on energy market issues, as well as the Department of Energy and Climate Change, covering a range of issues such as new nuclear power, electricity market reform, retail markets and carbon capture and storage.


How can utility companies make bills affordable for all 2:20 pm

Effective methods of price control The effects of the price cap on the energy industry – are the desired effects being achieved? Social Tariffs, do they benefit vulnerable customers? 17 Water companies and 17 different social tariffs – should there be regulated criteria? Increasing number of customers on social tariffs – are we doing enough?Read more

day: 27 June 2019