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Sue Lindsay

Sue Lindsay

Sue Lindsay

Company: Wessex Water

Job title: Director of customer policy & engagement


With a background in environmental biology and geography, Sue joined Wessex Water in 1988. She has extensive knowledge of the water industry including regulation and policy and customer services. She was appointed director of customer policy and engagement in August 2016. Sue is responsible for all aspects of customer experience, including the operational customer relations department, customer and social policy and consumer and stakeholder engagement. Sue is particularly interested in consumer vulnerability and affordability and developed both Wessex Water’s Assist social tariff and wider tap programme and more recently Wessex Water’s new tariff to help pensioners on low incomes. Sue works closely with debt advice agencies and other customer advice organisations in the Wessex region to raise awareness and increase take-up of social tariffs. Sue is a trustee on the Board of Bath and North East Somerset Citizens Advice.


Putting customers at the forefront of company strategy 2:00 pm

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