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Content Guru evolves the way organisations communicate with their customers and colleagues, delivering complex communications to businesses at scale. Its multi-award-winning cloud communications platform, storm®, powers one of the world’s largest and most versatile contact centre solutions, delivering blended omni-channel routing, unrivalled scalability and rich integration to hundreds of third-party systems. Content Guru powers the communications for a range of utilities companies, including UK Power Networks, Electricity North West and SSE.

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Enzen is a global, professional, knowledge practice that focuses on gaining, refining and sharing expertise in the energy and utility sector; providing and delivering, outcome-driven solutions to leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organisations, and not-for-profits. We work with customers across the value chain to deliver sustainable and lasting improvements to their efficiency and performance, adding value to their bottom line. Our goal is to support large consumers of energy and water, and improve the sustainability of resources by increasing efficiency and optimising existing operations. In addition, we develop the commercially successful use of renewable resources to deliver a transformative advantage for our customers. Enzen is unique in providing a wide range of advisory, engineering services and solutions from end-to-end for the power, water, gas and renewable energy sectors, supported by our specialised Business Units and unique Centres of Excellence. Our expertise, practised knowledge and implementation delivery covers transformation, technology optimisation, smart utility networks, operations, capital efficiency, asset management and mergers & acquisitions, amongst other areas, and helps to deliver high-quality, effective, need-specific solutions. Founded in 2006, the business has grown and developed across the globe, with a presence in the UK, India, Australia, USA, Spain, Turkey and Kazakhstan.We pride ourselves on innovation, and partner with academia from leading universities as well as think tanks and policy advocates to enable our global network of knowledge practitioners to consistently deliver maximum value for our customers.

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